© Sebastian Zeki 2012   Diet and your Gut INDIGESTION- Greenfield’s rule of C Symptoms of indigestion are usually due to reflux of acid into your lower gullet.   There is no perfect diet that will treat everyone but over the years I have realised that the following foods make symptoms of heartburn/acid indigestion much worse.  I call this the rule of “c” – cut the following foods out of your diet because they tend to make the valve between the gullet and stomach more leaky triggering reflux. Coffee. Curry. Caffeine containing drinks. Cheese. Chocolate. Cream. Creamy desserts. Citrus. Cake. Coke. Chips/crisps (by which I mean fat). Champagne/Chablis (by which I mean alcohol). Cigarettes/cigars Chillies (Ice)-cream. And allow at least three hours between dinner and bed time and don’t snack after dinner. WINDY TUMMY/BLOATING/ABDOMINAL PAIN OF IRRITABLE BOWEL These symptoms can be triggered by too much gas in the gut.  Avoid the following: Don’t rush your food (you will swallow extra air). Don’t chew gum (you are constantly swallowing saliva and air). Avoid fizzy drinks. Go onto a low fibre diet – Fibre is a carbohydrate present in fruit and vegetables.   Fibre is not absorbed into the body by the gut but enters the bowel where our natural bacteria break it down into gas that causes windy symptoms.  Cutting back on fruit and fibre cereals and also cutting back on onions, mushrooms, leafy green vegetables and pulses (peas and beans) can have a dramatic effect on symptoms. CONSTIPATION A sluggish bowel can sometimes be aided by a change in diet. Ensure you are not taking medicines that cause constipation. Avoid dehydrating drinks such as coffee and alcohol. At least 2-2.5 litres of fluid  should be drunk daily.   This may need to increase if you work in a very warm environment.  Regular meals and exercise are important. Avoid rice – this can be constipating. Increasing fruit/vegetables in your diet may help but be wary about windy symptoms (see above). Stick to a routine when visiting the toilet.  Do not deny yourself if you get the urge to go as you might  not get another signal  for several hours or even days!